Control Panels

Command the Power

Get to grips quickly with the operation and control of your generator set with safe, easy-to-use control from a range of automatic, digital, and synchronising control panel systems. Automatic control panels enable hands-free operation, starting and stopping your generator based on predefined conditions such as power outages or specific load demands. Digital control panels offer precise control and monitoring, featuring comprehensive data displays and logging capabilities for detailed management and analysis of your generator's performance. Synchronising control panels are designed for complex power setups, allowing multiple generators to work together seamlessly, ensuring balanced load sharing and optimal performance. Additionally, selected control panels feature remote communications capability, providing the convenience of monitoring and controlling your generator set from a distance. This feature enhances flexibility, allowing for timely responses to maintenance needs or operational adjustments. Whatever your power requirements, FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE can tailor a control system to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable operation of your generator set.

Control is Everything.

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